The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Assembly Hall Highlights

Assembly’s impressive venue on the Mound, home to our smallest (Bailie Room) and largest (Main Hall) performance spaces. Enjoy a drink in the Quad Bar before (and after!) your show. Sub-venues: Main Hall, Rainy Hall, Baillie Room. Assembly Hall’s Box Office is located in the central courtyard of the Hall, to your immediate right as you […]

The Edinburgh Fringe, The Underbelly Venue Highlghts

Briefs, Underbelly 2012 Briefs slams together a beef-caked and disorderly line-up of Australia’s award winning mischief-makers in a circus-infused variety show for the not-so-faint hearted. Host Shivannah – love-child of the ringmaster and bearded lady, leads a ragtag team of skilful buccaneers in a contortion of vaudeville, burlesque, dance and clowning. Raw and savvy, a […]


  With the Olympic Games in London coming to an end organisers of the world’s largest arts festival are hoping the public focus will shift to Edinburgh where the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is already well underway.   The Olympics have already added their own distinct flavour to the 2012 Fringe with a number of shows […]

More Bands annouced for Bloodstock

12 BANDS ANNOUNCED FOR JAGER STAGE/ ONE MORE BAND CONFIRMED FOR SOPHIE LANCASTER STAGE     BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR are proud to announce the line up for this years Jagermeister Stage. A mix of semi-acoustic acts will grace this year’s stage to bring exclusive performances to the metal masses. ANDRASTE are a 6 piece folk metal act hailing from […]

The Wonder of Wicker!

Wickerman at its Sunshine Best as Texas Lead Fans to Fiery Festival Finale   Sharleen Spitteri led the 15,000 strong Wickerman audience in one of the festival’s biggest sing-alongs last night before fans were treated to the spectacular burning of the 40 foot Wickerman against a night sky sparkling with fireworks.     The sultry Scottish […]

Early Arrivals

Music Fans Wind their Way to Wickerman              Thousands of festival goers have begun flocking to one of the UK’s most loved music and art events, the Wickerman Festival, as one of the best music parties of the summer gets underway. Gates to the campsite opened at noon today, welcoming […]