TRNSMT organisers, DF Concerts, along with partner agencies Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, NHS, Glasgow City Council, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Transport Scotland, have put together some top tips for music fans preparing to head to Scotland’s newest festival.


Tickets holders are being encouraged to log onto ahead of the festival for answers to a variety of FAQ’s to make sure you have a great time at the biggest music event of the year!

 ·      Make sure you plan your journey in advance and where possible use public transport as there are limited car parking
        spaces in the city centre. Check out the info section of for the most up to date and relevant travel
        information including info on coaches and buses.
·       Please note Doors Open & Curfew Times: and please note late curfew on Friday 7thJuly
.       Friday Doors Open 14.30 Curfew: 23.55
.       Saturday Doors Open: 12.30 Curfew: 23.00
.       Sunday Doors Open: 12.30 Curfew: 23.00

·       Set times will be available on our TRNSMT festival app – download now on iPhone and Android




 ·      Illegal drugs are prohibited at this event, and anyone found in possession will be refused entry to the event, handed over to
        the police, and arrested.
·       If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be refused entry to the event.
·       BE SAFE – the best way to avoid being harmed by drugs is not to take them.
·       DON’T DELAY – If you or your friends feel unwell – seek help immediately from any festival staff. If you have taken alcohol
or other drugs, be honest with medical staff. Your safety is our priority.
·       All drugs have the potential to be harmful especially if you take a high dose or mix it with other drugs including alcohol or
        prescription medication.

·       Festivals and large crowds can be disorienting experiences; this is not the place to be experimenting.

 ·       If you plan to drink alcohol – know your limits.
·       Keep hydrated, well fed, and don’t leave your drink unattended. There are water points around the festival site and bottled
        water is available at bars. Drink between half a pint to a pint of water an hour.
·       Check out for more information. 
·       Check the weather ahead of time and be prepared. Wear appropriate clothing (rain jacket, hat, sunglasses etc) and apply
        sun-screen if necessary.
·       If you need help with anything, please go to the Help Points. Stewards and welfare staff are there to help keep you safe. If
        you or your friends need assistance at any time, don’t hesitate to ask.
·       Consider arranging a meeting point with friends within the festival site in case you get separated. For example, Nelson’s
        Monument in the middle of the festival site.
·       Look after your hearing. Take regular breaks from loud music, and don’t stand too close to the speakers. Disposable
earplugs will be available from the welfare tent.
 ·       We urge all those attending TRNSMT to be patient, and to expect delays and searches upon entry. Please consider this in
        your planning and ensure you arrive at the festival early.
·       Report anyone acting suspiciously to the nearest police officer, steward, or member of staff.
·       There will be a significant security and police presence at TRNSMT. It’s possible that you will see some armed police, as in
        other locations around the city.
·       These measures are in place to protect all those attending TRNSMT. Your wellbeing and enjoyment is our utmost concern
        and we thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.
·       There are two entrances to the festival, an EAST and WEST entrance. We expect the WEST entrance to be very busy so
        consider reducing your queuing time by using the EAST entrance if you can.
·       Our stewards are there to help you. If you have a particularly good experience with one of our stewards, note their ID
        number and send feedback to 
 ·       Don’t bring any banned items to the festival – glass, flag poles, selfie sticks, nitrous oxide aka ‘laughing gas’, laser pens,
         air horns, multi-tools or flares..  These items put others at risk and are best kept at home.  You also won’t need illegal
         drugs to have a great time this weekend, so don’t bring any with you.  Even “legal highs” are now against the law – it’s just
         not worth the risk.

·       Also, please don’t bring a bag unless it is absolutely essential. Bags larger than 30cm x 42cm (the size of a sheet of A3
paper) will NOT be permitted at TRNSMT. Those who need to bring bags will be separated into bag search lanes, and may
be delayed as a result of longer searches.


 ·       Remember to pack any medication you need over the weekend, including prescriptions, inhalers and diabetic medicines.

 ·       You’ll need your ticket and wristband all weekend, so keep them safe and dry.

          Only carry the amount of cash you need, this year the bars and merchandise stalls will accept chip and pin, contactless
and Apple Pay, plus there are ATMs on site.  Also, the best way to ensure you don’t lose something valuable to you is not
to bring it in the first place.

 ·       Remember that Glasgow Green is surrounded by residential areas, and TRNSMT greatly appreciates the support of the
local people. Avoid behaving in an anti-social manner. Please respect the neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum,
both on your way to the festival and when you leave.  Please only use public toilets on your way to the event.
Tickets for TRNSMT are on sale NOW from

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